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"Signature" Tassel Top - 1 top

  • "Signature".

    It is made up of two wood turned pieces and a plastic core "neck", plus a spool (to wrap fringe around) and a flounce disc to hold cording, fringe and spool inside the tassel.  
    It is sold in singles for $4.95, with complete instructions to make the style of tassel shown here. This is the most exquisite design and employs all of the methods in one: yarn wrap, netting, mini fringe overskirt and braid embellisments. It's not as difficult as it may look!


    This top kit is the only one with a 'non wood' component. Kate looked everywhere for a wood bit that was the shape of the plastic core, but couldn't find one, so she adapted! The plastic core 'neck' can be yarn wrapped and also painted or decoupaged. 


    The tassel top measurement, without fringe
    2 1/4" diameter
    4 1/4" high 

    Supplies you will need:

    - Tassel Magic Kit 
    - Signature Top Kit

    - Yarns of your choice

  • Returns are available for full product price refund only. Within 30 days of purchase. Customer pays return shipping. 

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